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Togo Ordering Solutions uses technology to help local businesses connect with more customers while minimizing 3rd party fees. TOGO was created by technology and marketing professionals with over 20+ years of combined experience in marketing and advertising technology, with investors and board members with experience working for companies including Microsoft, Verizon, and Snapchat.

In working with various brands experiencing the fast-paced change that technology has brought to tourism, hospitality and retail, we recognized the need for a solution that made it easier to adopt technology and made it easy to implement the most key areas of online marketing that drive sales.

With technology at its core, TOGO puts a strategic marketing lens on online ordering, offering a solution that generates long-term value for businesses, without the stress and complexity of managing software tools yourself or the exorbitant price tags of large 3rd party platforms. We learn about your business and its current online presence (social media, advertising, 3rd party partners, etc.) to bridge the gap with our online ordering solution, ensuring you retain relationships, minimize fees and achieve long-term success.

We also operate a customer facing website and social media account that helps people discover and book from local businesses in the Out Islands of the Bahamas.


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